Source code for ini2toml.translator

import logging
from typing import Mapping, Optional, Sequence

from . import types  # Structural/Abstract types
from .base_translator import EMPTY, BaseTranslator
from .plugins import list_from_entry_points as list_all_plugins

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] class Translator(BaseTranslator[str]): """``Translator`` is the main public Python API exposed by the ``ini2toml``, to convert strings representing ``.ini/.cfg`` files into the ``TOML`` syntax. It follows the public API defined in :class:`ini2toml.types.Translator`, and is very similar to :class:`~ini2toml.base_translator.BaseTranslator`. The main difference is that ``Translator`` will try to automatically figure out the values for ``plugins``, ``ini_loads_fn`` and ``toml_dumps_fn`` when they are not passed, based on the installed Python packages (and available `entry-points`_), while ``BaseTranslator`` requires the user to explicitly set these parameters. For most of the users ``Translator`` is recommended over ``BaseTranslator``. See :class:`~ini2toml.base_translator.BaseTranslator` for a description of the instantiation parameters. .. _entry-points: """ def __init__( self, plugins: Optional[Sequence[types.Plugin]] = None, profiles: Sequence[types.Profile] = (), profile_augmentations: Sequence[types.ProfileAugmentation] = (), ini_parser_opts: Mapping = EMPTY, ini_loads_fn: Optional[types.IniLoadsFn] = None, toml_dumps_fn: Optional[types.TomlDumpsFn] = None, ): super().__init__( ini_loads_fn=ini_loads_fn or _discover_ini_loads_fn(), toml_dumps_fn=toml_dumps_fn or _discover_toml_dumps_fn(), plugins=list_all_plugins() if plugins is None else plugins, ini_parser_opts=ini_parser_opts, profiles=profiles, profile_augmentations=profile_augmentations, )
def _discover_ini_loads_fn() -> types.IniLoadsFn: try: from .drivers.configupdater import parse except ImportError: # pragma: no cover from .drivers.configparser import parse return parse def _discover_toml_dumps_fn() -> types.TomlDumpsFn: try: from .drivers.full_toml import convert except ImportError: # pragma: no cover try: from .drivers.lite_toml import convert except ImportError: msg = "Please install either `ini2toml[full]` or `ini2toml[lite]`" _logger.warning(f"{msg}. `ini2toml` (alone) is not valid.") raise return convert