Source code for ini2toml.plugins.toml_incompatibilities

import logging
from inspect import cleandoc
from typing import List, TypeVar

from ..types import IntermediateRepr, Translator

R = TypeVar("R", bound=IntermediateRepr)

_logger = logging.getLogger(__package__)

_FLAKE8_SECTIONS = ["flake8", "flake8-rst", "flake8:local-plugins"]

    "setup.cfg": [*_FLAKE8_SECTIONS, "devpi:upload"],
    ".flake8": _FLAKE8_SECTIONS,

[docs] def activate(translator: Translator): for name, sections in _KNOWN_INCOMPATIBILITIES.items(): fn = ReportIncompatibleSections(name, sections) translator[name].intermediate_processors.insert(0, fn)
[docs] class ReportIncompatibleSections: """Remove well-know incompatible sections.""" def __init__(self, profile: str, sections: List[str]): self._profile = profile self._sections = sections def __call__(self, cfg: R) -> R: invalid = [section for section in self._sections if section in cfg] if invalid: sections = ", ".join(repr(x) for x in invalid) _logger.warning(_warning_text(self._profile, sections)) return cfg
def _warning_text(profile: str, sections: str) -> str: msg = f""" Sections {sections} ({profile!r}) may be problematic. It might be the case TOML files are not supported by the relevant tools, or that 'ini2toml' just lacks a plugin for this kind of configuration. Please review the generated output and remove these sections if necessary. """ return cleandoc(msg) + "\n"