Source code for ini2toml.plugins.profile_independent_tasks

"""Profile-independent tasks implemented via *profile augmentation*."""
import re
from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable

from ..types import Profile, Translator

DUPLICATED_NEWLINES = re.compile(r"\n+", re.M)
TABLE_START = re.compile(r"^\[(.*)\]", re.M)
EMPTY_TABLES = re.compile(r"^\[(.*)\]\n+\[(\1\.(?:.*))\]", re.M)
MISSING_TERMINATING_LINE = re.compile(r"(?<!\n)\Z", re.M)
# ^ POSIX tools will not play nicely with text files without a terminating new line

[docs] def activate(translator: Translator): tasks = [ normalise_newlines, remove_empty_table_headers, ensure_terminating_newlines, ] for task in tasks: translator.augment_profiles(post_process(task), active_by_default=True)
[docs] def post_process(fn: Callable[[str], str]): @wraps(fn) def _augmentation(profile: Profile): profile.post_processors.append(fn) return _augmentation
[docs] def normalise_newlines(text: str) -> str: """Make sure every table is preceded by an empty newline, but remove them elsewhere in the output TOML document. Also ensure a terminating newline is present for best POSIX tool compatibility. """ text = DUPLICATED_NEWLINES.sub(r"\n", text) text = TABLE_START.sub(r"\n[\1]", text) return MISSING_TERMINATING_LINE.sub("\n", text)
[docs] def remove_empty_table_headers(text: str) -> str: """Remove empty TOML table headers""" prev_text = "" while text != prev_text: prev_text = text text = EMPTY_TABLES.sub(r"[\2]", text).strip() return text
[docs] def ensure_terminating_newlines(text: str) -> str: return text.strip() + "\n"