Source code for ini2toml.plugins.mypy

import string
from import MutableMapping, MutableSequence
from functools import partial
from typing import List, TypeVar, cast

from ..transformations import coerce_scalar, split_list
from ..types import IntermediateRepr
from ..types import Transformation as T
from ..types import Translator

M = TypeVar("M", bound=MutableMapping)
R = TypeVar("R", bound=IntermediateRepr)

list_comma = partial(split_list, sep=",")

[docs] def activate(translator: Translator): plugin = Mypy() for file in ("setup.cfg", "mypy.ini", ".mypy.ini"): translator[file].intermediate_processors.append(plugin.process_values) translator["mypy.ini"].help_text = plugin.__doc__ or ""
[docs] class Mypy: """Convert settings to 'pyproject.toml' equivalent""" LIST_VALUES = ( "files", "always_false", "disable_error_code", "plugins", ) DONT_TOUCH = ("python_version",)
[docs] def process_values(self, doc: M) -> M: for parent in (doc, doc.get("tool", {})): for key in list(parent.keys()): # need to be eager: we will delete elements key_ = key[-1] if isinstance(key, tuple) else key if not isinstance(key_, str): continue name = key_.strip('"' + string.whitespace) if name.startswith("mypy-"): overrides = self.get_or_create_overrides(parent) self.process_overrides(parent.pop(key), overrides, name) elif name == "mypy": self.process_options(parent[key]) return doc
[docs] def process_overrides(self, section: R, overrides: MutableSequence, name: str) -> R: section = self.process_options(section) modules = [n.replace("mypy-", "") for n in name.split(",")] self.add_overrided_modules(section, name, modules) overrides.append(section) return section
[docs] def process_options(self, section: M) -> M: for field in section: if field in self.DONT_TOUCH: continue fn: T = split_list if field in self.LIST_VALUES else coerce_scalar section[field] = fn(section[field]) return section
[docs] def get_or_create_overrides(self, parent: MutableMapping) -> MutableSequence: mypy = parent.setdefault("mypy", IntermediateRepr()) return cast(MutableSequence, mypy.setdefault("overrides", []))
[docs] def add_overrided_modules(self, section: R, name: str, modules: List[str]): if not isinstance(section, IntermediateRepr): raise ValueError(f"Expecting section {name} to be an IntermediateRepr") if "module" not in section: section.insert(0, "module", modules)