Source code for ini2toml.plugins

# The code in this module is mostly borrowed/adapted from PyScaffold and was originally
# published under the MIT license
# The original PyScaffold license can be found in 'tests/examples/pyscaffold'

import sys
from textwrap import dedent
from typing import Any, Callable, Iterable, List, Optional, cast

from .. import __version__
from ..types import Plugin

ENTRYPOINT_GROUP = "ini2toml.processing"

    if sys.version_info[:2] >= (3, 8):  # pragma: no cover
        # TODO: Import directly (no conditional) when `python_requires = >= 3.8`
        from importlib.metadata import EntryPoint, entry_points
    else:  # pragma: no cover
        from importlib_metadata import EntryPoint, entry_points

    def iterate_entry_points(group=ENTRYPOINT_GROUP) -> Iterable[EntryPoint]:
        """Produces a generator yielding an EntryPoint object for each plugin registered
        via `setuptools`_ entry point mechanism.

        This method can be used in conjunction with :obj:`load_from_entry_point` to
        filter the plugins before actually loading them.

        .. _setuptools:
        """  # noqa
        entries = entry_points()
        if hasattr(entries, "select"):
            # The select method was introduced in importlib_metadata 3.9/3.10
            # and the previous dict interface was declared deprecated
            select = cast(Any, getattr(entries, "select"))  # typecheck gymnastic # noqa
            entries_: Iterable[EntryPoint] = select(group=group)
            # TODO: Once Python 3.10 becomes the oldest version supported, this fallback
            #       and conditional statement can be removed.
            entries_ = (plugin for plugin in entries.get(group, []))
        return sorted(entries_, key=lambda e:

except ImportError:  # pragma: no cover
    from pkg_resources import EntryPoint, iter_entry_points  # type: ignore

[docs] def iterate_entry_points(group=ENTRYPOINT_GROUP) -> Iterable[EntryPoint]: return iter_entry_points(group)
[docs] def load_from_entry_point(entry_point: EntryPoint) -> Plugin: """Carefully load the plugin, raising a meaningful message in case of errors""" try: return entry_point.load() except Exception as ex: raise ErrorLoadingPlugin(entry_point=entry_point) from ex
[docs] def list_from_entry_points( group: str = ENTRYPOINT_GROUP, filtering: Callable[[EntryPoint], bool] = lambda _: True, ) -> List[Plugin]: """Produces a list of plugin objects for each plugin registered via `setuptools`_ entry point mechanism. Args: group: name of the setuptools' entry_point group where plugins is being registered filtering: function returning a boolean deciding if the entry point should be loaded and included (or not) in the final list. A ``True`` return means the plugin should be included. .. _setuptools: """ # noqa return [ load_from_entry_point(e) for e in iterate_entry_points(group) if filtering(e) ]
[docs] class ErrorLoadingPlugin(RuntimeError): """There was an error loading '{plugin}'. Please make sure you have installed a version of the plugin that is compatible with {package} {version}. You can also try uninstalling it. """ def __init__(self, plugin: str = "", entry_point: Optional[EntryPoint] = None): if entry_point and not plugin: plugin = getattr(entry_point, "module", sub = dict(package=__package__, version=__version__, plugin=plugin) msg = dedent(self.__doc__ or "").format(**sub).splitlines() super().__init__(f"{msg[0]}\n{' '.join(msg[1:])}")