Source code for ini2toml.errors

from textwrap import dedent
from typing import Callable, List, Mapping, Sequence

from . import types

[docs] class UndefinedProfile(ValueError): """The given profile ('{name}') is not registered with ``ini2toml``. Are you sure you have the right plugins installed and loaded? """ def __init__(self, name: str, available: Sequence[str]): msg = self.__class__.__doc__ or "" super().__init__(msg.format(name=name) + f"Available: {', '.join(available)})")
[docs] @classmethod def check(cls, name: str, available: List[str]): if name not in available: raise cls(name, available)
[docs] class AlreadyRegisteredAugmentation(ValueError): """The profile augmentation '{name}' is already registered for '{existing}'. Some installed plugins seem to be in conflict with each other, please check '{new}' and '{existing}'. If you are the developer behind one of them, please use a different name. """ def __init__(self, name: str, new: Callable, existing: Callable): existing_id = f"{existing.__module__}.{existing.__qualname__}" new_id = f"{new.__module__}.{new.__qualname__}" msg = dedent(self.__class__.__doc__ or "") super().__init__(msg.format(name=name, new=new_id, existing=existing_id))
[docs] @classmethod def check( cls, name: str, fn: Callable, registry: Mapping[str, types.ProfileAugmentation] ): if name in registry: raise cls(name, fn, registry[name].fn)
[docs] class InvalidAugmentationName(ValueError): """Profile augmentations should be valid python identifiers""" def __init__(self, name: str): msg = self.__class__.__doc__ or "" super().__init__(f"{msg} ({name!r} given)")
[docs] @classmethod def check(cls, name: str): if not name.isidentifier(): raise cls(name)
[docs] class InvalidTOMLKey(ValueError): """{key!r} is not a valid key in the intermediate TOML representation""" def __init__(self, key): msg = self.__doc__.format(key=key) super().__init__(msg)
[docs] class InvalidCfgBlock(ValueError): # pragma: no cover -- not supposed to happen """Something is wrong with the provided CFG AST, the given block is not valid.""" def __init__(self, block): super().__init__(f"{block.__class__}: {block}", {"block_object": block})